Scouting membership continues to grow in Burnley and Pendle

  • Scouting membership in Burnley and Pendle continues to grow, with 70 new members in the past year
  • Scouting remains popular across the UK with nine years of sustained growth
  • The number of adults volunteering to change young people’s lives grows by 6.7% in the past year to a total of 159
  • Teenage membership grows from 53 to 77 between 2013 and 2014
  • Female membership grows from 142 to 178 between 2013 and 2014

Scouting numbers have increased in Burnley and Pendle with more girls, boys and adults seeking out everyday adventure.  The total number of young people and adults who have joined Scouting has risen 8.9 per cent in the past year and membership figures have now reached 860.  Scouting continues to grow across the UK where there have been nine years of sustained growth.
Scouting provides an attractive adventure based programme for young people and adults, which changes their lives and their local communities for the better.

The number of adults volunteering to change young people’s lives has grown by 6.7% in the past year to a total of 159.

Record numbers of girls continue to join Scouting across Burnley and Pendle.  A surge of over 36 more female Scouts have joined, who have signed up to the adventure based challenges of Scouting.

The increase in membership numbers locally reflects the latest census figures nationally which have just been published. This data provides evidence of sustained growth across the UK for the ninth consecutive year with a membership total of over 550,000.  This has cemented Scouting as the largest co-educational youth Movement in the country.

The Scout Association, which seeks to transform the lives of young people by providing an inspiring programme of everyday adventure has confirmed its commitment to further increase the number of young members. It is launching a plan to recruit a further 58,000 more young people, as well as 18,000 more adult volunteers, by 2018.  Over 200 activities, including adventure glider flights, skiing, rock climbing and water zorbing, are offered by Scouting around the UK, so it’s no surprise that more and more young people are joining the Movement.

Jack Murray, an Explorer Scout from Blackburn said:

“Getting involved in Scouting is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I get the opportunity to take part so many different adventures and I get involved in helping my local community by helping to organise different events.” 

Janet Alderson-Perkins, a spokesperson for East Lancashire Scouts, said:

“Being a Scout Leader is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done.  It’s something I can do on a flexible basis when I have enough time to spare.  It’s great helping young people in my local area get the most out of life and watching them develop week in-week out.  I’ve also picked up loads of transferrable skills that I’m able to use in my job and wider life.”

Chief Scout Bear Grylls said:

 “I am super proud to see so many young people and adults learning new life skills, achieving personal rewards through Scouting in Burnley and Pendle.  I am excited to see Scout numbers continue to rise across the UK and the big reasons for this are that more and more young people are realising that Scouting can give them so much – whether it’s the opportunity to be involved with some incredible adventures, learn practical life, outdoor and teamwork skills, or helping to improve their local communities.  People don’t want to miss out and Scouting brings them all together, empowers them and allows them to make a positive impact.”

Author: Chris Taylor

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